True Turkish kebabs. flavourful cuts of meat trimmed carefully by hand and marinated for hours, grilled to perfection and rolled in authentic lavash flatbread. Served with your choice of garnishes.

Sigara boregi

Cousins to the Croatian burek. small, rectangular fingers of pastry dough carefully rolled up and filled with either cheese and parsley or a blend of onion, juicy tomatoes, parsley and potato. Choose between portions of 5 or 7 rolls.


A healthy meal on the go! Baked jacket potatoes topped with a melt-in-your-mouth mixture of butter, salt and gouda cheese. Your choice of additional toppings...


This tasty snack has grown in popularity across Turkey in the last five years, and has been prepared by street vendors and families alike in a variety of yummy ways: both traditional and bold!


For a taste of something sweet at the close of a meal (or anytime!), look no further than this authentic Turkish dessert from Anatolia.


Refreshing Turkish beverages to pair with your meal and quench your thirst.

About kitchen

Lokma from Istanbul has an open kitchen as testament to the chefs’ belief in the value of honest preparation, proper sanitation and ultra-fresh ingredients. Lokma insists on using all-natural, 100% meat, including the most tender (and tasty!) cuts of young lamb and chicken. Above all, the kitchen’s commitment to hygiene is unparalleled. Come see – and taste – for yourself.